Real Shanghai ?

Who are you looking at ? Lightbox
Make every day a happy day
Do you want a hair cut ?
Together, a strong and bright future
Behind the gate
The kings of the castle
Someday my prince will come
Precious Baby - Fangbang Zhong lu
How fast can you build ?
Do you want a hair cut 2
Their precious lane
In the mood - Not in the mood
The cute couple
Do you want a professional haircut ?
What is Zidane doing here
Some days, life is hard
Heaven, Earth and Sunflowers
The parade
You really think we're so cute ?
New Heights and the Stars
Dear neighbors
Shanghai Cowboys
Lets pump it up
The cool guy
Where exactly are you from ?


Digital Catalogue of "Real Shanghai"
Digital Catalogue of "The Glory and the Dream" - 2013 Solo Exhibition at Chai - Art+Shanghai Gallery

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